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SIU researcher studying naked mole rats' peculiar adaptations (The Southern Illinoisan, article by K. Janis Esch, June 2, 2018)


In The News, cont.

Social Robots May Help Children With Autism Communicate (SIU School of Medicine "Aspects" publication, article by Lauren Crocks, Spring 2018, 41-42)

Imaging the Brain (Daily Egyptian feature photo of lab manager Blake Cain, April 2016)

Robots come to the rescue in sensory processing studies (Spectrum News, article by Sarah Deweerdt, November 2014)

Manatees Have "Long-Distance" Sense of Touch, Experts Say (National Geographic, article by Blake de Pastino, January 16, 2007)

Sleek? Well, No. Complex? Yes, Indeed. (New York Times, article by Erica Goode, August 29, 2006)

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 Sarko et al., 2015 cover image


Sarko et al., 2007 cover image