Leo Przybylowski

Medical Student Research Assistant

email: lPrzybylowski@carolinas.vcom.edu


Felippe Sartorato

Medical Student Research Assistant

email: fsartorato@caorlinas.vcom.edu

Leo received his B.A. in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame in 2013. As part of his major requirements, Leo took a Neurodevelopmental Disorders course taught by Dr. Joshua J. Diehl. During that course, he learned about the use of robots helping children with autism.  In the fall of 2013, Leo enrolled at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus (VCOM- CC).  He became a research assistant to Dr. Sarko in the summer of 2014. Leo also won an award for tutoring his classmates for pre-clinical coursework and national boards throughout his second year. He is currently pursuing a pediatrics residency.

Felippe received his B.A. in Foreign Language with a double minor in Biology and Chemistry at Berry College in Rome, GA. He then completed a Post-Baccalaureate in Biomedical Sciences at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Blacksburg, VA. He matriculated into the VCOM-Carolinas Campus class of 2017 in July of 2013. In 2014 he was accepted for a position as a summer research intern in the lab of Dr. Diana Sarko within the Department of Neuroscience. He also served as a writing intern in the Osteopathic Family Physician Journal in 2014-2015. Felippe is currently a member of Sigma Sigma Phi National Osteopathic Honor Fraternity and plans to complete a residency in general surgery. 


Kendra Wills

Undergraduate Researcher

email: kj7996@gmail.com

Taylor Reynolds

Undergraduate Researcher

email: taylor22692@siu.edu

Jayasimha sai Koduri, M.S.

Computer Programmer, Research Assistant

email: jayasimhasai.koduri@siu.edu


Lisa Luehr

Undergraduate Researcher

email: luehrl.35@siu.edu

David Kukla

Undergraduate Researcher

email: d.kukla98@gmail.com

Alex Perry

Undergraduate Researcher

email: alexandracperry@siu.edu



Blake Cain, M.S.

Lab Manager

email: bcain97@siumed.edu

Sai Saketh Nandan Perala, M.S.

Computer Programmer, Research Assistant

email: saisakethnandan.perala@siu.edu


Jeffrey Nie

Medical Student Researcher

email: jnie31@siumed.edu



Mason Sheldon

Undergraduate Researcher

email: masey.e.sheldon@gmail.com


Mariam Hashmi

Undergraduate Researcher

email: mariam.n.hashmi@siu.edu


Areaj Mubarak

Undergraduate Researcher

email: areaj.mubarak@siu.edu



Cody Germain

Undergraduate Researcher

email: cody.germain@siu.edu




Jonet Davis

Undergraduate Researcher

email: jonet.davis@siu.edu